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Hi...I feel very weird and humbled to be on this site. I have never been this down and out in my 39 short years. I am a single mother of four, lost my job several months ago and was working for a friend up until two weeks ago at her office. I have nothing at this point, under my tree or in my bank. Not even food. I am so depressed and ashamed I feel like a failure as a mother. No matter how hard I try the bills just keep coming and I cant seem to catch up. We are living off the basics now, water,electric, garbage. I have no heat and haven't for some time. Praise the inventor of the space heater:). I don't know what to tell my kids. They don't understand. I have always pulled a rabbit out of my hat no matter what. I have the hat, but no rabbit this time. My 16 yr. old son battled depression last year and attempted suicide. As a result of my caring for him I lost my job two days before my six year anniversary. It kills me that Im not working. I have applied to numerous places, revised my resume, even applied for jobs Im overqualified for and nothing. I just got a rejection email from Lowes. Maybe it's my age? Although it seems Im young it may look different on paper? I dont know. Im grasping at straws now. It can leave a person very discouraged to say the least. Well, I just needed to vent my thoughts/emotions for a while. I have no family and few friends and I will not breakdown around my kids who truly are the lights of my entire being. If no one reads this, oh well, if someone does and can relate, you are not alone. It could be any one of us anytime. Thanks for the shoulder....Me
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catcat 22
iam mom of 10 old baby i dont have money for her 1st christmas i fill bad that cant give her a christmas ................
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mary lou
my name is mary lou i don't work i'm D. i have my dad here i take care of him is 84 yrs. old i hame gd kids my girls are 2,8,9,16 my boys are 8,10.15 i wish you can help me with some toys thanks
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How old were you when you found out about santa? how old were your kids when you told them the truth about santa? Im just thinking maybe this could be a little bit of help to some parents including myself. Im thinking about telling my 9yr old the truth but i would like opinions before doing so. I know our 12yr old just found out last yr??? Opinions welcome bt don't be rude there is no need for it please?
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Hello everyone me and my husband are not working and working hard to provide for our 19 month old daughter Makela, dad tries so hard that it makes him sad to see that we can rovide a christmas, or christmas tree for our baby this year, this would be the first christmas that she recognizes what christmas is about. Every christmas commerical is a party for her, but a hurt piece for me and my husband, but we dance along anyway to keep her happy. please find it in you hearts to help us with gifts this christmas, even if one is all you can provide. That one gift is plenty to our family. Philadelphia, PA
Thank you all
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Lil Bubba
need help this christmas i hav 2 kids that need cloyhs and dipers I have a 2year old girl that weres 3T and a 5month old son that weres 6to9 months any thing can help
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hello, i lost my job, my apartment, and my kids to my ex-wife. I dont have anything for christmas for them, and on top of that my son's birthday is December 19th. They are ages 4 and 5. I dont need anything for myself, my only wish is that they have a good christmas. If any one can help my kids it would be truly a Christmas Miracle. God bless you. May all your wishes come true and have a very happy holiday.

I live in Louisville, Ky. You can contact me at
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 in response to ...   I am a mother of two wonderful children. I have a 12 year-old boy and a 14 year-old-girl. My husband and I do our very best to provide for our children, but with two chronic illnesses in the family it is hard. My husband has chrohn's disease and has had 3 surgeries during our marriage. He almost died 5 years ago from a blood clot. My daughter got sick a few years ago. Very scary when your perfectly healthy child can no longer walk, 40-60 seizures a day, physical tics, vocal tics, etc. She has conversion disorder. I am looking for a full-time job while I attend school. My husband is making enough to pay our rent and most of the utilities. I wish I was in the same position that you are and hopefully will be when I finish school. Unfortunately I am taking next semester off because my financial aid, including loans, does not cover everything. When I do finish school though, I will most definitely help others.
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 in response to ...   Hello! Im a mother of 2 and 2 stepchildren. I would rather not put pictures on here but if you have an email i will surely send them to you. I just had a baby, when I was able to return to work my employer had hired someone else and would not let me work but 2hrs a week :(! So I am now staying at home and my b.f is trying to provide for all of us, which knowing the economy it's not an easy task... you can e-mail me if you would like and I can give you pictures of our family and more about us, I will tell you my kids are 6.9,12yrs and a 4month old baby, all boys! thank you and god bless you!!

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 in response to Lookingtohelp...   hello i am in need of getting my childre christmas this year i have just moved here to carrollton ga so my fiance could get a job making more money i was hurt on the job and what little i got from workers comp allowed us to make the move here it took all of my money to get and furnish us a home i was trying to put some back for christmas but that didnt happen it took it all and my fiance has went on slow time due to the holidays so its taking all of his paycheck to pay the bills i have three girls ages 17,16,and 13 also i have a grandchild that is also a girl age 3mths i really would appreciate anything that you could do for us im alwyas the one to help people in need this time i cant and im just so depressed by it i pray all the time and i know i will get back on my feet i have faith and i wouldnt ask if i didnt need it im not the kind to ask for help but when my children need something i will do anything for themi never get anything for christmas but if u could help that would be my christmas present the only one that i will ever need i was 13 years old when i had my first child and married their father and i just want them to have a good christmas thank you so much and i really dont know how to do the picture thing and if you are going to help please write me back on here maybe then i could get u some pics added and let u know what they want god bless you and have a very merry christmas
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I have a Friend.. a (rencently) single working mother of 4 one boy 12 years old and 3 girls 7,8, and 9 living in Rowlett, Texas that is going throught alot and doesnt think she can afford Christmas for her kids this year. Please help her.
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51 year old in NYC, was always a strong will person and just recently been Laid off after working for 11 years straight from my previous employer, things are super rough, recently feel behind on my rent, I will trust that God will provide, all I have is my belief, that through him all things are possible, have a 12 year old daughter and 17 year old stepson and a wonderful wife and they see my struggles. God will send somebody, just like he send me a few years ago to assist another Family. if anyone want to assist , my pride goes out the door.
God bless and Happy holidays
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Hello I also need help for my five kids this Christmas. I had my hours cut at my job to almost nothing. I lost my car, don't know what else to do. There age's are a girl 13and10 two boysage 12 and a 1 year old. Please help if you can. God bless.
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mother of a give good daughter
 in response to ever...   no
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mrs lonely
hello i am a mother who works hard for my 4 kids 8 yr 3yr 1yr and my 6month baby.ever since i got with my husband working was never the problem but now he got put in prison and i dont have enough money to even even put a xmas tree up for my kids or even give them presents and give them a merry so fustrating cause my 8yr old is bugging me for presents but he cant understand that i dont make a enough money to give them wat they need..please help me somebody all i ask for xmas for my babies..
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Hi my name is amanda. I don't have kids, but my moms husband was working and fell off the roof yesterday! And it just ruined all her Christmas plans. I have 4 other brothers and sisters. The are 2,7,11,13. And I don't want them to have a bad Christmas. Please Help!! I live in Atlanta, Georgia
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 in response to ...   God bless you thats just what my soul needed to hearamen and praise god
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 in response to babydoll_17_usa...   Thank you for your reply. The Lord commands us to get understanding and you have done just that, so trust me when I tell you that you shall be rewarded. Live expecting your blessing and it shall come from a place you did not expect, start thanking the Lord now, put your faith and trust in him. I pray that you are blessed indeed, that he expand your coast, that he enlarge your territory, give you good health, that you be made to prosper always and that his hand always be with you.
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