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i have four children two of them are type one diabetecs in and out of the hospital . my twelve year old son had a stroke last december from going into DKA a complication from the diabetes.Oct 16th my oldest daughter just turned 18 in September was walking on the sidewalk going out with her friends just left the house and an old man fell asleep driving and hit het she lost a kidney punctured a lung broke ribs lacerated her liver has a broken clavical and 3 fractures in her spine .i had to stop working all i do is go to doctors i am thankful they are alive but i have no idea what i am going to do for them for Christmas . they are three girls 18 17 16 and a 13 year old boy. please help with any suggestions.
Thank you

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 in response to Sherry70...   i am a single mother with a 17 year old girl, a 12 year old girl,and a 10 year old boy i have no money for xmas this year i barly making by paying my bills so if you would like to help my family out that would be so nice
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 in response to mommaof2angels...   

Hello and welcome to Aidpage.

I hope you can get child support as that is terrible he left you.

I have some Christmas Information here

see here for other programs that should be available to you and your children


MY blog has more information here

Let me know if you need more help


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 in response to mommaof2angels...   

Hi There...... If you are still looking for Christmas gifts, please check my blog out at

I have a lot of links with information regarding Christmas and Thanksgiving assistance



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 in response to hicks...   I can be reached at (804)742-8737 please contact me!
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hi im 21 wid 2 kids a 2 year old and a one year old and my kids father left me so im doing this by myself if i could maybe get just a lil bit of help this year it would be greatly appreciated thank you..we live in brookfield Vermont..

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I am a mother of 5 I have 3 girls ages 12,7,5 and 2 boys ages 9,3 I am a full-time student and my husband works full-time but was recently in a car accident that messed his leg up and he has been out of work for two weeks already without pay. we need all the money coming in for bills and would really like help for Christmas for our children. If anyone can help me and give me any information on where I can get help it will be very helpful and we thank you from the bottoms of our hearts

Living in wv mountains

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 in response to josam913...   

Hello and I hope your feel better regarding your brain surgery.

Yes there are places you can get help toysfortots. on the main page and in this link there are many places and suggestions for Christmas Information

and check with this for any temporary cash assistance and other programs for you and your children here

and my blog has more information for your state

I hope this helps you

Good luck


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I am in Independence,Missouri

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 in response to REDS...   hello. I just had my 4th brain surgery and I am in need of help for my kids this christmas. please is there anyway I can get help? Daughter is 10 and son is 3 and newborn girl.
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 in response to xmas...   

Hello and I was wondering what city and state are you in??

For a bed try this and free section

Here are some links that may help with Christmas this year.

I hope this helps and I have JOBIDEAS here

Take care


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 in response to kids2010...   I know it's along shot but try I think thats is you can google it
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My name is Michelle I'm a single mother of two wounderful children my son 7 and my daughther 4 I got hurt at work I have applyed for disabily but It can sometimes take awhile my heart is hurting just thinking that they my not have anything to wake up to on christmas morning

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I am writing this letter but my daughter does not know i am seeking a little help for her this grandson is 7 year old born with spinal biflore condition..ever since he has been born it been hard for my daugher..she is back in school trying to become a been hard for her only having isaish income only ..isaish is a special little boy that does't ask for much and my daugther either..this year isaish father for the first time is not going to be around please help her christmas and isaish a better christmas this year.....from daughter no.16464630131......

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I am a single mother of five kids. Their ages are my daughter who is 10 years old. I have four boys, their ages are 9, 6, 4, and 2years old. I am recently unemployed due to the sickness of my two year old. he have congenital adrenal hyperplasia.He has a doctor on call for him. This year has been the worst year for me and my kids. I have been in and out of the hospital nonstop for my two year old. We have less funds this year. I was wondering if anybody out there can help me and my kids for christmas. I would greatly appreciate it a whole lot. Please help me out! It's enough on me worrying about my two year old. I nees your help and support for Christmas. Please contact!!!!! Thank you! And God Bless You.

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needhelp 1

I am a grandmother of three grandchildren 11,6 and another 6 yr old I have been very ill lately I have a genedic desease called fabry desease I cant walk at times and I am ill all the time needless to say I cannot work I am very depressed about christmas this year can't afford presents if anyone can help I would so appreciate it I am in mentor ohio  thank you

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Hello I am a single mother. I have lost my job and recieve no child support. I have a 6 year old daughter. I am trying to find someone to help with her Christmas this year. I have hardly no money just enough to make ends meet with bills. I have no help from nobody else and don't have no place or nobody to turn to. My daughter needs a bed for her room as well. If someone would please help me and my daughter in this difficult time. I would really appreciate this blessing. Please Contact Me!!!!!!!!!

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 in response to beckyw...   

Hello and welcome to Aidpage.

What city and state are you in?

Check 211 for temporary cash assistance and other things for your children below.

and here is Christmas Information


try toysfortots and do check with your fire station and police department for help as they sometimes have toy drives and your local TV stations do to

Good luck and wish you the best


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hi my name is rebecca wheeldon and i am a single mother with three young kids and im in need of getting help with christmas for my kids this year my kids are 1  two and 6 

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i am in need of some help for christmas this year,my husband is the only one working right now.we just lsot two of our cousin in the past two months,i just found out that my mom is dieing.I have two grandchildren ages one and a half and a 1month old one.It hurts because i wont be able to get them anything for,christmas i wont even be able to have a tree or a dinner for them.Is there anyway someone could help me out.Thank you and god bless

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