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momineed started this conversation


***we live in tacoma, washington

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Woman in the shoe 2   in reply to Saxton
Hi the person you posted to not been on here sent 2007 most likely you want here from her. I sorry put there no place to help you now. If there was we can only give information on here.
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I am in need for a little help I went to eat Thanksgiving with my daughter but I had to Cook every thing because I had my grandkids with me I don't have nothing for Xmas because the little money I had my grandson need a pair or shoes and I bought it for him because his mom not going to buy them I felt bad so I spent what money I had their I am ashamed because I can't buy food to eat I have sister and brother but they not like that iam hurting and this is 2017 it won't take much but a $100. I have been praying I spent what I had there. it will be after Xmas before I have any money but right know I have nothing.please help me.
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V Jones
My name is v Jones and I need help for Christmas I have two girls age 8 and 12 I recently lost my house had to move in as a roommate I don't work I'm on disability and I can't even afford Christmas for my girls this year can somebody please a doubt my two girls I'm not worrying about myself I just want them to be happy for Christmas
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Woman in the shoe 2   in reply to All1978
Just put up a list of places that help with Christmas
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I could really use help with Christmas this year. I have one child. A 4 year old little girl. We live in an oilfield town and her father got laid off back in 2015 and its been hard. Any help would be great. We live in Houma, Louisiana
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Angelawithtwokids914   in reply to woman in a shoe
I do have several bibles for various religions. Feel free to post any verses I love to read about the divine.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to shemels yilma
I am sorry but we don't know any information outside of the states
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shemels yilma   in reply to woman in a shoe
i need help please
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SisterServant   in reply to Tbone 1954
Yes. Give great thanks for what He has already provided. Put a dime in the Salvation Army basket. See what God does. He loves us all.
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Tbone 1954
I have read some of these things. there are people in worse shape than me and my wife are in. We can't afford to buy any gifts for anyone of our kids or grand kids. I can't even buy my wife anything, but GOD will protect us. MAY GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU.
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littlelacie   in reply to Cupcake1994
please take their address off the internet,it is not safe for them.Since you put their address on the internet for everyone to see,you don't know who or what type of person may show up knocking on their front door.It could be a stranger,or more than one,men they don't know that may want to who knows what.And having strange men at their door will frighten them,since they are sick older ladies living alone.think about that .please keep them safe and remove their address.thank you.resources that were helping with Christmas stopped helping almost 4 weeks ago,sorry.
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I'm trying to find someone to help a family that has no car or money and is nearly able to pay their rent the 80 yr old is nearly able to walk and the 55 yr old has bad heart problems and lost her husband 3 yrs ago to a major heart attack and had been struggling ever since has to walk to store in snow and rain to get groves for her and her 80 yr old mother and can't hardly make it o Drs spots due to not having s way to go do I hope you can help these two women in Wichita ks their names are Donna Trussell and Linnie Mcnutt please help them have a merry Christmas their address is 1901 s Saint francis
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littlelacie   in reply to hayday
hi,Angel 1968 is unable to help you,she was trying to find some help herself.Resources that were helping with Christmas have stopped,sorry.We do not know any one that is helping,we cannot help anyone since this is an information site only with no cash.
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hayday   in reply to hayday
I'm out of work I just had surgery
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hayday   in reply to Angel1968
Can my family get help with Xmas please
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I need help getting my furnace to work , I have my grandson that autism n my daughter is having other baby , I just lost my job ,I don't have money to fix my furnace , n won't have dinner for Christmas or gifts for my grandson my house is without heat , can someone help please
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Av   in reply to Juan loco
what do you need
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Juan loco
Hi the only place that might be able to help u is call Catholic churches and see which ones give out food. Also which the new sometimes they tell of places that given out food. Hope this can help u.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Miracle 5
Thank u .
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Juan loco   in reply to woman in a shoe
Hello hate to say but we need help just for a Christmas dinner if anyone can help us that would be great by
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